Facial treatment

Aqua Peel - Advanced depth cleanser

Duration 60 min Book Time
Price 995 kr

Skin condition

This treatment is especially suitable for you who have skin problems such as severe acne, pimples, clogged pores and encapsulated comedones. If your skin is mature or aging, very dry and dehydrated, you can also benefit greatly from the treatment.


With this advanced depth cleaner, you instantly achieve a visible result. In the long run, you get a radiant healthy, firm and fresh skin in better balance and a younger look with a radiant glow. After the treatment, you will experience far fewer problems with impurities in the skin, and you will avoid clogged pores and comedones. You get a more uniform skin tone with fewer color differences and a nicer skin surface with smaller pores. The skin's own production of collagen increases and you will find that your skin becomes much smoother, supple and elastic.

What is Aqua Peel

Aqua Peel is an effective deep cleanser and peeling in one and the same treatment. Aqua Peel or HydraFacial Peel is the market's newest and most advanced deep cleanser, and it is a 100% safe, painless treatment with clear results!

The treatment consists of

  • Cleansing
  • Aqua Peel (smart suction extraction)
  • Face mask
  • Product.

1 phase:

With the help of hydrogen-rich water, we make sure that the oxidative stress in the skin is reduced. At the same time, we reduce the skin's pH and moisturize it.

2 phase:

With AS1 Peeling Solution (contains lactic acid) the skin is cleansed, peeled and moisturized. At the same time, dead skin cells are softened so that they are easy to remove afterwards. During this process, the skin's production of collagen is stimulated.

Phase 2: (for very oily skin)

To balance the skin's production of sebum (sebum), we use AS2 Peeling Solution, salicylic acid and BHA serum in the treatment. Blackheads are removed, including "black heads" and "white heads". The same goes for encapsulated comedones. The pores are thoroughly cleansed and severe acne is reduced.

3 phase:

Vitamin C serum is absorbed into the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. In addition, the serum adds antioxidants and moisturizers in depth. At the same time, vitamin C controls the production of melamine and has a positive and beneficial effect on sun damage and color differences. Excess sebum production is reduced, giving your skin a fresher appearance. At the end of Phase 3, we put on a face mask that is tailored exactly to your needs, and moisturize with carefully selected day products.

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